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Epilepsy Treatment in Dehradun

Epilepsy Treatment in Dehradun

Epilepsy Surgery at Neuro and Spine Clinic


Epilepsy surgery involves a neurosurgical procedure where an area of the brain involved in seizures is either resected, disconnected or stimulated. The goal is to eliminate seizures or significantly reduce seizure burden.

Neurosurgeons performing Neurosurgery

Surgeon like ( Dr. Charitesh Gupta MS, Mch – Neurosurgery) Provides care. By combining the talents of his surgical specialists and researchers, at Neuro and Spine Clinic Dehradun we, offer access to the latest innovative treatments in one of the most rapidly advancing fields of medicine. Patients are also benefited from the research conducted at Numerous Research Institute and new treatments and medical devices.

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By Dr. Charitesh Gupta

Dr. Charitesh Gupta is a Guinness World Record Holder Neurosurgeon who holds more than 20 years of Experience in Neurosurgery & One of the Best Neurosurgeons in Dehradun Uttarakhand. Specialized in the Diagnosis and Surgical treatment of disorders of the Central and peripheral nervous system including congenital anomalies, trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, or degenerative diseases of the spine.

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